What Security Helps to Save You Money On Your Insurance

Anywhere there is an opportunity to save a few dollars it is worth taking a look at. Having good security for your home can allow you to do this in more ways than one. Of course there is the initial investment of the security products and programs that you decide upon for your family, home and business protection, but it is worth considering what you are going to get in return for this investment besides your security.

You more than likely have a chosen Insurance Company that you use for your home and business. Many people like to bundle their insurance so they are have everything covered under one policy. This often leads to a reduction in premiums.

If you are a security conscious individual and have taken a variety of steps to secure your home and business, you may want to review your insurance policy to see if you get any type of discount for your efforts.

Every Insurance Company has their own policy coverage and they can vary in what they offer for security measures. Different providers can offer anywhere between 5% to 15% as a reduction in your policy fees.

Some of the security measures that they take a look at are….

For your personal safety: These include security measures such as carbon monoxide detectors, heat detectors, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and even handrails along stairs.

For businesses they expect even greater security measures, and these will also include personal safety measures like sprinkler systems for example.

Often what happens is home and business owners scrutinize their Insurance policies when they first take them out and then don’t look at them for years. New technology is occurring on a regular basis in the security industry. As a result of this Insurance Companies are updating their policy options but long time policy holders may not be aware of the new discounts. They may have updated their security measures but have not checked their Insurance policy or contacted their Insurance Company to see if there are any new discounts for this.

A reduction in insurance costs can be quite substantial and if you are able to achieve this by beefing up your security measures that it is well worth the investment. Ideally, talking to the experts here at Capital City Lock and Security will give you some good insight as to what your security needs are.

You could then check with your Insurance company to see what discounts they may be willing to give based on the implementation of the Pre-lock security advice.

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