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Security Cameras

Monitor all activities with our surveillance cameras.

Security is as important as ever, it is one of the most important concerns in all households and business. Our Commercial and Residential security systems help protect your families and businesses alike, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Master Key Systems

This is where a series of locks works with individual keys but is also accessible using a Master Key. A hierarchical system of locks and keys providing individual access to offices or areas to authorised key holders only for example The Managing Director has access to all offices but the Sales Manager may only access certain areas and be restricted from others. Typical uses for this system are managed offices, tenanted properties or other venues where individual security is required but access for cleaner/security/caretaker/manager is also required.

Where would this be useful?

  • Schools where access to certain areas is required to be restricted to certain people
  • Offices where general access is required to communal areas but restricted in more sensitive areas
  • Rented properties where tenants require access to their own property and the Landlord requires a single key to access all properties ‚Äč

And many more …

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State of art locks for your business.

Considered the first choice for a wide variety of security applications, ASSA®, Inc. High Security Locks has manufactured premier locks for industry, military, and institutions worldwide. Our patented key and cylinder design provides a level of key control second to none in the industry; eliminating the possibility for unauthorized key duplication and compromise of end users' security solutions.

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Protect your valuables at your place of business.

Meet today's security challenges with the SentrySafe Electronic Model MS3607. Ideal for home and office, it keeps all contents private and secure. In the event of a fire, the safe provides 1 hour of UL classified fire protection, keeping confidential papers, CDs, DVDs, memory sticks and USB drives safely below 350°F.

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Maintenance Services

Are you a landlord? Do you own multiple doors that require maintenance?

Capital City Security and Locks offers a wide range of maintenance services on doors, locks and more. Click below to see how we can simplify your life.

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